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Bee Removal near Los Altos, CA

Exterminators what they do is to kill bees and leave the dead larva inside the walls or attic. Leaving larvae inside the walls is a huge mistake since the honey smell attracts pests like worms, ants, and mice, making things worse, and we don’t do that. Instead, when you hire us for bee removal near Los Altos, CA, you are killing two birds with one stone because you are hiring a bee removal & home repair company. We work under the principles of high quality!

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Call Our Professional Team for Wasp Removal Near Los Altos, CA

So, you've stumbled upon a wasp nest on your property, huh? What a headache, isn’t it?

Most of the time, wasps build their nests in locations where removing them is highly difficult; for example, it is very common for them to build their nests in areas like dense bushes or trees, wall voids, or even under the eaves of a structure.

Trying to remove them on your own is not a good idea at all. If you get near a wasp nest and a wasp feels threatened, it will immediately attack you and use pheromones to call the other waps.

But don’t worry, we've got you covered! Call our experienced team for wasp removal near Los Altos, CA.

Call Our Professional Team for Wasp Removal Near Los Altos, CA

Hire Us for Hornet Removal Near Los Altos, CA & They Will Never Return to Your Property!

Have you spotted a buzzing hornet nest on your property? Don't attempt DIY removal! Hornets are aggressive, and their stings are painful.

At Bees Evictions, we can help you remove the nest and ensure your home is hornet-free.

Bees Evictions provides a 1-year warranty for the bee removal job because we know what we do.

  1. Our warranty covers you from returning bees
  2. Also, this warranty covers the labor of the house repair job
Hire Us for Hornet Removal Near Los Altos, CA & They Will Never Return to Your Property!

Get Our Fast & Safe Carpenter Bee Removal near Los Altos, CA!

Carpenter bees can cause significant damage to wood structures, making effective treatment and prevention crucial.

At Bees Evictions, our carpenter bee removal services include thorough inspections, treatment of existing infestations, and preventive measures to deter future activity. 

We utilize environmentally safe methods to treat and seal affected areas, preserving the integrity of your property and preventing recurrence. Our approach is tailored to your property's needs, ensuring comprehensive protection against carpenter bees.

Hire us for bee removal near Los Altos, CA, to help you maintain your property’s aesthetic and structural integrity and safeguard it against the persistent threat of carpenter bees.

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Experience the Buzz of Safe Bee Removal.

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Founded with a passion for wildlife and a commitment to environmental sustainability, Bees Evictions has been a leader in bee conservation through ethical eviction practices for over 26 years. Our team comprises dedicated professionals who are not only skilled in safe bee removal but are also educated in bee behavior and conservation.

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