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Bee Removal near Orinda, CA

Your safety is our priority. So, Bees Evictions answers clients immediately. You may be worried more about getting stung by a bee, or worse yet, a wasp nest or even the deadliest hornets can threaten your loved ones’ safety. Call us, and we’ll relocate bees or kill wasps and hornets within 24 hours or the same day.

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Contribute to the Planet with Our Bee Relocation Services near Orinda, CA

Bees don’t harm; they give life. So, you better bee environmentally friendly by calling us to relocate humanely the beehive instead of massacring these beautiful creatures.

We remove the whole beehive, alive, with even the larva. So they can continue pollinating and giving all species food and life.

Sometimes, homeowners are more worried about getting stung by a bee than getting water leaks from a hole in the wall made by an inexperienced bee remover.

But you shouldn’t settle for less. Instead, you should hire Bees Evictions for safe, fast & humane bee relocation services near Orinda, CA.

Contribute to the Planet with Our Bee Relocation Services near Orinda, CA

We Are the Only Bee Remover that Offers 1 Year Warranty

Bees Evictions provides a 1-year warranty for your bee removal job because we know what we do.

  1. Our warranty covers you from returning bees
  2. Also, this warranty covers the labor of the house repair job

We understand clients are worried about their houses, but they trust us because we have reviews that testify to our commitment to quality and your safety.

Get Our Bee-Proofing Service – The Safest Option for Allergic People

For allergic people, we recommend our house bee-proofing service. This way, the bees cannot get indoors. We seal all vents, foundations, windows, doors, etc. We will also provide you with a warranty to back up our work.

Bees Evictions Provides a 1-Year Warranty for Your Bee Removal Job

Hire Us for Yellowjacket Wasp Removal near Orinda, CA

Yellowjacket wasps inject venom into the brains of people, leaving people unconscious and attacking the defenseless victims. And this is such a threat for people who are allergic.

Don’t try removing wasps alone (it’s dangerous if you don’t have the proper safety gear, protection, and experience).

Yellowjacket wasps are super aggressive. They swarm against exterminators, stinging and biting, so you need special protection.

Exterminators will often lie about yellowjacket wasps, saying they are honey bees and can’t kill them (just because they know they are dangerous and don’t want to do the hazardous job).

Hire Us for Yellowjacket Wasp Removal near Orinda, CA

Your Well-Being Is Our Priority. Call for Safe Hornet Removal Services

Are you struggling with hornets? Don’t let these aggressive pests ruin your outdoor fun! 

Our expert hornet removal services provide a safe and effective solution to reclaim your space. We specialize in identifying, removing, and preventing hornet nests, ensuring your home and garden are safe and enjoyable. 

Trust us to handle your hornet problems swiftly and professionally. Contact us now and enjoy a peaceful, hornet-free environment. 

Act today—your safety is our priority!

Your Well-Being Is Our Priority. Call for Safe Hornet Removal Services

Experience the Buzz of Safe Bee Removal.

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Founded with a passion for wildlife and a commitment to environmental sustainability, Bees Evictions has been a leader in bee conservation through ethical eviction practices for over 26 years. Our team comprises dedicated professionals who are not only skilled in safe bee removal but are also educated in bee behavior and conservation.

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