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Bee Removal Near Piedmont, CA

Bees don’t harm; they give life. So, you better bee environmentally friendly by calling us to relocate the beehive instead of massacring these beautiful creatures. At Bees Evictions, we have 26+ years of experience, and thanks to that and our commitment to quality, we are the only bee remover that offers a one-year warranty. So, don’t hesitate to hire us if you need bee removal near Piedmont, CA; it will be a pleasure to help you and the environment!

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Get Our Safe & Fair-Priced Wasp Removal Near Piedmont, CA!

At Bees Evictions, your safety and peace of mind are our #1 commitment. We understand that having unwanted wasps in the home is a serious concern.

If you disturb them by trying to remove them yourself, they can attack you, causing severe allergic reactions that can even result in death. This is why we are here: to help you whenever you need a fast and safe wasp removal near Piedmont, CA!

We do both bee removal and restoration jobs, saving you time, money, and hassle.

We don’t destroy your house. Since we have a general contractor license, we know how homes are built and where the bees are.

Then, we meticulously make the right cuts in the wall to remove them and minimize damage to your house.

We remove the bees, and if we make a hole in the wall, we will repair it, leaving it looking like nothing happened.

Get Our Safe & Fair-Priced Wasp Removal Near Piedmont, CA

Bee Conscious! Hire Us for Honey Bee Removal to Protect Our Pollinator Friends!

Bees pollinate a great portion of our crops, contributing billions to the value of crop production in this country alone. So, why kill them?

Sometimes, beehives end up in houses, trees, cars, or any other space they see as suitable for living.

That is when people call our bee remover pros to help them relocate these bees..

Relocating bees takes three times as much as it takes for exterminators to kill them, so this is easy money for exterminators. So, you have to bee conscious & eco-friendly. Hire Bees Evictions. We don’t kill bees; we are not exterminators.

Hire Us for Honey Bee Removal to Protect Our Pollinator Friends

We Offer Fast & Effective Beehive Removal Near Piedmont, CA

Did you find a beehive in your yard, attic, or chimney? Don’t panic! Our skilled bee removers safely relocate bees, minimizing disruption to you and the bees. We use humane methods and prioritize bee health.

Trying to remove a beehive by yourself can be extremely dangerous. While spraying the beehive or attempting to catch the bees in a trap may be tempting, these methods can go wrong. 

For instance, using some products on bees is illegal, and if your trap fails to capture all of the bees, the rest of the hive will continue to be a problem. Furthermore, if the bees feel threatened, they will start to defend their space and may attack. 

So, if you have a beehive, you better call us for professional bee removal near Piedmont, CA. Don’t hesitate to call; it will be a pleasure to help you!

Bees Evictions Offers Fast & Effective Beehive Removal Near Piedmont, CA

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Founded with a passion for wildlife and a commitment to environmental sustainability, Bees Evictions has been a leader in bee conservation through ethical eviction practices for over 26 years. Our team comprises dedicated professionals who are not only skilled in safe bee removal but are also educated in bee behavior and conservation.

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